Hours, events, panels, signings, photo-ops, VIP party and much more To Be Announced in the very near future. Please Check back.

Preliminary Schedule

This is the preliminary schedule for the 2013 FX event. We will update it as we go and it is subject to change.


Room selling begins.

All day room selling will be taking place by PEZ dealers and FX dealers alike. Room selling floors will be posted.


10 AM - 4 PM -  FX Dealer room Set-up.

11 AM to 9 PM - Registration will be in the main lobby.

4 PM to 5 PM - FX dealer room open to early buyers

6 PM - 9 PM - FX dealer room opens to registants

9 PM - Poolside party open to all FX and PEZLando Registrants and dealers.

8 AM- Ballroom open for dealer set up. 
You must wear your convention badge and your helpers must be convention registered.

9 AM - FX Convention open to early Buyers

10 AM -  6 PM - FX Show open to the public.

9 PM - FX Rocks! VIP Party


11 AM - 5PM - FX Show open to public.